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Discover How to Connect Through Video and
Build Loyal Relationships
Brand awareness 
In just 30 days, Digital Legend will walk you through video strategies that will create an unbreakable bond between you and 
"Your People". 
The VideoLegend 30-Day Challenge is a bootcamp for business owners and leaders who believe in the power of video, but aren't quite sure where to start. This time it's different. 

We are committed to delivering you results.
But in order for us to help you. You must help yourself.

In the end, you will walk away more confidentcomfortable, than you have ever been before recording short-form social media videos for "Your People." 

Videos that build authority, loyalty and most important relationships!
Video Is No Longer An Option!
Your impact starts here. 

The phone is your connection.

We rely on this single device to conduct business, communication, and for entertainment. 

It's where your people can be found. On their phone. Searching for solutions to money, love, and boredom. 

If you're not creating content, specifically VIDEO, for this small screen, then the world is passing you by

Take that scary thought and turn it into an opportunity.

An opportunity to learn how you can reach out and form deep relationships with the people looking for your message, Your Expertise and Your Leadership. 
Meet Your Guide
Dave Lawson
Don't Take Our Word For It...
See What Others Are Saying About Their Experience!
"The 30 Day Challenge, I thought it was brilliant!"
(Watch his video!)
Real Estate Investor
Robert Grand
"I feel a lot for confident!"
(Watch his video!)
Real Estate Investor
Ron Nedd
"I'm growing more comfortable every day"
(Watch his video!)
Real Estate Investor
 "Your Challenge has really opened up some creativity in me. I feel like no matter what I lay down it’s going to be great. It’s kind of blown my mind how simple the switch has been and I just needed some guidance."
Nashville Musician
Danny Setz
Your next 30 days...
Get Ready to Learn:
  • Three elements that should be in EVERY video
  • How to get over the fear of being judged
  • The five foundations of great content
  • How to build your own home studio on the cheap!
  • How to get people to comment on your videos
  • Easy lighting, audio, and camera techniques

And much, Much, MUCH more!

This is your defining moment.
Do NOT miss your opportunity to change the way the world sees you. Face the challenge head on!!

Our Next Challenge Begins SOON!

Meet Your Team
Your Guides Through the Next 30 Days
Tim Murphy has been a real estate leader in the Minneapolis area for over 17 years.  He has also been a leader in the way he uses digital media to build relationships with past, present and future clients. 
Listen to his story...
Dave Lawson just left a 30 year career in traditional broadcast media to help build Digital Legend Media. He knows that executing basic principals of content will propel you past 99% of the content being produced on social media. 
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